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作者: yueyrt1qqh    時間: 2017-8-30 05:32     標題: Dion Dawkins Jersey when her daughter took her son to the hospital

–    “We have to shut up and take everything because it is his house,Nicolas Otamendi Manchester City Jersey UK,”- motherUp to late last night, doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were battling to save the life of a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed once to his abdomen by his 68-year-old father over two eggs.The incident occurred around 01:30pm yesterday at Vevey, Mahaica.Injured is Paul Thomas, a Unity Secondary School student. His 68-year-old father is in Police Custody at the Mahaica Police Station and according to the teen’s mother, Elizabeth, the eggs which caused the “whole stabbing up are burst and scattered in the yard.”According to information reaching Kaieteur News, the teen asked his father, a horse cart operator,Montravius Adams Jersey, for two eggs to give his mother to make eggnog but his father refused and got upset, and took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his son.Yesterday, at the hospital,Fabian Delph Manchester City Jersey UK, the injured teen’s sister, Natasha Thomas stood quietly in front the theatre door, awaiting words on her brother’s condition.Natasha Thomas“My father is very tormenting; he can’t see us happy. Every day is a problem with him. He picks trouble with everyone in the house. He beats my mother a lot,” a depressed Natasha told this newspaper.Natasha, a mother of three,Cheap NFL Jerseys, lives next door to her parents and ten siblings. She explained that she was at her home when she heard arguments emanating from her parents’ quarters. “This is normal; everyday is a problem and normally I would peep out my window and shout on them to stop but I didn’t do that (yesterday) because I only hear his (her father’s) mouth.”A very disturbed Natasha said that a few minutes after the argument,Dan Girardi Rangers Jersey, her brother ran out from his house and requested her to take him to the hospital. “I said ‘you joking’ and when I look down on he, I see blood on his pants and he holding a shirt to his belly. I just run inside, put on some clothes and leave.”The injured Thomas was taken to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital but was later transferred to the GPHC for surgery.Elizabeth, the teen’s mother, told Kaieteur News that she was in the kitchen cooking when the incident occurred.“I was cooking and is bend I bend to take the cover off the pot and he pick up the knife and stabbed my son, right in front my eyes. He does always tell me he gone kill somebody but I never believe him,” the woman cried.She explained that there were twelve eggs on the table and her son asked him for “only two eggs he asked for, only two. He tell his father that he tekking the eggs because he does mind the fowls and he pick it up. After he father start to curse, my son put it down back and he (68-year-old) pick up all the eggs and pelt all away. Then he pick up the knife- all I could have said was ‘oh Lord!’ nothing else.”According to Elizabeth, when her daughter took her son to the hospital, she immediately went to the police station to report the matter. “The police came, took the knife and he to the station.”The woman described her husband as a person who has no respect for anyone. “We have to shut up and take everything because he does always remind us that we living in his house.”On December 17 last,Cheap USC Trojans Jerseys, Elizabeth lost one of her sons, Rohan Simon, to an accident at Mahaicony. Rohan and one of his friends were travelling in the tray of an open-back motor pick-up vehicle along the Airy Hall Public Road, Mahaicony, when they fell out as the driver was negotiating a turn. Rohan’s friend survived the accident but he wasn’t that lucky.A few years before Rohan’s death, the family also lost two of their young family members, Randy, 8, and his three-year-old brother, Junior Thomas. The three-year-old accidently fell into a nearby trench and his brother tried to save him. Both of them drowned.
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