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The Preliminary Inquiry into the charge of murder against Prabhudyal Tarachand,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, called ‘Ramesh’ 34, of High Reef,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Albion, Corentyne.Tarachand is accused of strangling his wife,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Geeta ‘Diane’ Bhishundial,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, on Sunday June 2, last. The preliminary inquiry has begun in the Albion Magistrate’s court before Magistrate Rabindranath Singh.Prosecutor Corporal Sherlock King has so far called four witnesses, including two police officers. Testifying so far are Police Officers – Howard Barlow and Detective Constable Emanuel Rajnauth. Inshan Bhishundial and his wife Khemranie Bhishundial,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the parents of Geeta are the two civilian witnesses to have testified so far.The witnesses were all grilled by Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus who is representing the accused.It is understood that around 21:00 hrs on the day in question the couple was involved in a misunderstanding at their home when the woman was strangled.The couple allegedly got into a misunderstanding following an alleged triangular love affair involving Diane, Ramesh and another man. Her lifeless body was discovered on a bed in the living room. Prabhudyal after allegedly committing the act drank a quantity of paint ‘thinner’ and tried to hang himself.He was cut down just in time and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital. The couple had three children ages 7, 3 and 1,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and they are presently living with Diane’s parents.Tarachand will have to return to court on the 24th September when the matter is expected to continue.

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